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Jannie Ledard Glass Art

Fused Glass Vase by Jannie Ledard Glass Art

Meet Jannie Ledard, Glass Artist

Jannie Ledard Glass Art is located in Talent, Oregon. In her studio, Jannie creates stained glass panels and art objects to decorate your home. These decor art objects include glass mandalas, suncatchers, candle hearths, lampshades, vases and more.

Jannie was born and raised in the beautiful town of Rouen, France. Rouen is best known for Monet’s paintings of its cathedral and as the cradle of writers Pierre Corneille and Gustave Flaubert. After graduating from the University of Rouen, Jannie started a teaching career in France, then teaching in Martinique, New York City and San Francisco. She retired from teaching in Berkeley, California.

After a mosaic artist friend opened the doors of the luminous world of glass art to her, Jannie then studied the techniques of stained glass with John Peterson in Santa Barbara. She also attended many workshops. When her friend offered her a kiln, she discovered the multi-faceted realm of fusing and kiln-forming which brought a new dimension to her art. She now enjoys challenging herself with new experiments and techniques of making glass into extraordinary art objects to accent your home or office decor.

Jannie attends numerous Southern Oregon art shows and exhibits in many galleries and special events.

Artist’s Statement

“Walking in the Unknown with Invisible Guidance”

I am fascinated by the ethereal, translucent quality of glass. While clear glass provides clarity by reflecting and transmitting light, stained glass transforms light, revealing its texture, color and very spirit. Glass offers endless opportunities to create with the elements of light, color, and texture. As I work with this medium, I find myself being led by invisible guidance toward a more transparent and authentic expression of my own feelings. It is my hope that viewers of my work will feel the same sense of excitement, joie de vivre, peace, serenity and beauty I feel as parts of me are revealed and unveiled during this artistic process.

When I first began working in this medium, I created stained glass pieces of natural life, primarily representing the forms of birds and flowers. I have now evolved toward a decidedly abstract, yet organic expression in my work—incorporating fused glass elements and natural gems and stones such as agate and geode slices into my compositions. My inspiration begins with a picture, a feeling, or an idea which I want to express—such as a picture of water, the feeling of the movement of a bird’s wing, or the idea of peace. I then choose the textures, the colors and the shapes to create an outward express my inner experience.

As I work, listening to my favorite music, the light dances with the colors, the textures, and with me. I spend days joyfully laying out the pattern and soldering the pieces together, ultimately giving birth to the final piece which began as a wisp of inspiration. May you feel the emotional response—what mythologist and scholar Joseph Campbell described as the “aesthetic arrest“—when you view my work. May you also feel what I feel as I create it—that you too are walking in the unknown, with invisible guidance.

~Jannie Ledard, Glass Artist

Picture of glass artist Jannie Ledard at her kiln.

Links and Friends

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Below are several galleries showing images of the various types of glass art I create. Here are a few links to make it easier to skip to what you most want to see. As you scroll down the page, you will see a “back to top” button appear which you can use to return to this list.

Stained Glass Windows and Large Panels
Stained Glass Lampshades and Decor Objects
Contact Jannie


Stained Glass Mandalas

Jannie uses either lead came or copper foil technique to create her stained glass art. The technique she employs depends on the size of her design. Jannie’s work evolved from classical designs into her own more abstract creations. Now her unique works range from mandalas and lampshades to window accents and home decor. She enjoys working with agates. Embedding the slices in her glass designs adds texture and the richness of their earthy colors and inclusions. That said, she uses colors from across the spectrum in her glass art, from subtle earthtones to bold primaries. The Jannie Ledard Glass Art pieces you see here have been sold. We present them as a reference of the range of her work. Please contact Jannie using the form at the bottom of the page to inquire about currently available works of glass art and to discuss commissioning her to create something special just for you.

<p><center>9.5 inch diameter Stained Glass Mandala with Geode <strong>SOLD</strong> Jacksonville, OR<center>

Glass Suncatchers

Combining clear and colored glass with varying textures enhances the way they catch the sun. Beveled glass casts beautiful rainbow colored prisms when placed near a window. Much of the textured glass I use has an iridescent finish for added beauty. I design some suncatchers to be hung in a window, and others to be placed on a windowsill or a shelf, table or desk near a window. These glass art pieces are suitable for a wide range of gifts that will light up their day every day, from client gifts to traditional celebrations.

Be sure to get a close look at both images of the Blue Flower tabletop suncatcher to see the difference in the appearance of my glass art when lit from the back and from the front. Each piece will have its own unique beauty which changes throughout the day and in various lighting.

Red Abstract, 13 x 11.5 inch Textured and Beveled Glass with stand by Jannie Ledard Glass Art.

Stained Glass Windows and Large Panels

These glass art pieces are essential interior accents to bring the liveliness of color and dancing light to your home or office decor. Contact Jannie Ledard Glass Art using the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about currently available pieces or to commission a custom stained glass window or panel.

It was an honor to participate in the realization of the stained glass window (pictured to your right) for the Unitarian Church in Ashland, Oregon. Learn more about the project HERE.

As with the Blue Flower tabletop suncatcher pointed out above, these pieces will look different when lit from the back than they do when lit from the front. Some pieces look so different in various lighting that your friends will think it actually IS a different piece! Check out the two images of my Tropical Fish large stained glass panel for another example.

Please contact me with the form at the bottom of the page to inquire about currently available large stained glass panels or to discuss commissioning a stained glass window for your home, nonprofit or business.

Stained Glass Window in the Unitarian Church of Ashland, a collaborative work in which glass artist Jannie Ledard participated

Lampshades & Glass Decor Objects

Stained glass lamp shades, art objects and functional art pieces add beauty and glowing light to your home or office decor. Contact Jannie Ledard Glass Art using the form at the bottom of this page to inquire about currently available pieces or to commission custom glass art to beautify the interior of your home or office, or to enhance your landscape design.

'Orange Flower' Stained glass objet d'art for home decor

Contact Jannie Ledard Glass Art

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Contact Jannie Ledard Glass Art if you have questions, would like to see my currently available works, or want to discuss commissioning a piece of my glass art. My stained glass art is available to view and purchase at a number of local galleries, so I do not offer it for sale on my website. However, if you would like to commission a new work, or if you don’t live in the Southern Oregon area and are interested in purchasing a piece of glass art you see on my website, please contact me with the details of your request. I accept credit/debit card payments via PayPal, as well as checks and money orders. Once I’ve received your payment, your items will ship within 48 hours.If you are in the EURO money zone, please email me ; I also accept Euro checks if you don’t want to use PayPal.
Some of my work is published in the book Creative Glass by Danijela Krakun and Charles McFadden. The book is available in bookstores near you and at
Jannie Ledard Glass Art : Nautilus Mandala horizontal crop