Artist's Statement

"Walking in the Unknown with Invisible Guidance"

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I am fascinated by the ethereal translucent quality of glass. While clear glass provides clarity by reflecting and transmitting light, stained glass transforms light, revealing its texture, color and very spirit. Glass offers endless opportunities to create with the elements of light, color, and texture. As I work with this medium, I find myself being led by invisible guidance toward a more transparent and authentic expression of my own feelings. It is my hope that viewers of my work will feel the same sense of excitement, joie de vivre, peace, serenity and beauty I feel as parts of me are revealed and unveiled during this artistic process.

When I first began working in this medium, I created stained glass pieces of natural life, primarily representing the forms of birds and flowers. I have now evolved toward a decidedly abstract, yet organic expression in my work - incorporating fused glass elements and natural gems and stones such as agate and geode slices into my compositions. My inspiration begins with a picture, a feeling, or an idea which I want to express - such as a picture of water, the feeling of the movement of a bird's wing, or the idea of peace. I then choose the textures, the colors and the shapes to create an outward express my inner experience.

As I work, listening to my favorite music, the light dances with the colors, the textures, and with me. I spend days joyfully laying out the pattern and soldering the pieces together - ultimately giving birth to the final piece which began as a wisp of inspiration. May you feel the emotional response, what mythologist and scholar Joseph Campbell described as the "aesthetic arrest," when you view my work. May you also feel what I feel as I create it - that you too are walking in the unknown, with invisible guidance.

~Jannie Ledard, Glass Artist



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